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“Emotion and Creativity in Artificial Intelligence Forms” by Angelica Lim, researcher in artificial intelligence and robotics

[Noisy-le-Sec • France • 27 february 2016]


In Japan, human-like robots act in theatre plays, eliciting empathy and even tears from the audience. In this talk, we will explain how robotics researchers are now finding inspiration in domains such as music, theatre and humour, and why emotion and creativity as some of the hardest problems in Artificial Intelligence today. What is the current state of AI, and how are robots affecting its evolution? To what extent can a robot have authentic emotional intelligence or be creative?


Angelica Lim have a B.Sc. in Computing Science (specializing in Artificial Intelligence) from Simon Fraser University and a M.Sc. and Ph.D in Informatics (specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing) from Kyoto University. She is also a journalist for the IEEE Spectrum Robotics Blog Automaton. She works as an A.I. roboticist at Aldebaran Robotics, a human-like robot builder company. http://www.angelicalim.com