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Session 2 : Identity Ploy and Dangerous Fictions — A workshop hosted by the journal Vacarme

[Paris • France]
No one knows for sure what « identity » means, but all minorities most definitely need to fictionalize identities for themselves. To fictionalize is both to let the cat out of the bag and to hide, to resist the dominant order and accept its game, but to play it differently. Nevertheless when the identity trick becomes a national project and a desire of the State, it is continually at risk of falling into violent or sad re-territorializations. In response to the invitation by the “Secession Sessions”, Vacarme offers to hold a fictitious editorial board meeting with the audience in order to reflect upon the possible articulations between its specific issues of interests: fictions, politics of emancipation, the relation to the State and the rise of European fascisms.

Session 1 : Improbable Abkhazia - A conversation between Maxim Gvinjia and Leon Colm

[Paris • France]
Max and Leon met in 2000. Max was working at the Foreign Ministry of self-declared Abkhazia, while Leon was a university lecturer, interested in war and separatism. Max eventually became the Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, and Leon became a senior advisor to an international organisation dealing with conflicts in the former Soviet Union. For the Saturday Sessions, a conversation between Max and Leon will revisit History—the collapse of the USSR, the rise of separatist States—and a history, the tale of two men, of two friends. A small story in the bigger story.