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[Beirut • Lebanon]


Conceived as an active working session, Beirut Art Center became the setting for a dialogue between four agents of the engaged art scene, each of a different title and belonging to a unique institutional project built from scratch. This exchange of ideas offers simultaneously an introduction to these distinct art institutions and a preparation to their reinvention through dialogue, be they established from a collective or governmental effort as they nonetheless depend solely on private funding. It is often artists who have the impetus to provide platforms and public projects for a given local artistic scene though with the condition to pass the established network to professionals and to open the floor to different outsiders and generations.


Contributors: Marie Muracciole, directress of Beirut Art Center, Pooja Soud, directress de Khoj, Dehli, India; Mats Stjernstedt, former director of Kunstnernes Hus à Oslo, Norway, director de Malmo Kunsthalle, Lamia Joreige, artist et co-founder of Beirut Art Center.

Recording by Beirut Art Center.