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[Paris 10e • France]


Escaping, hiding, fighting from the shadows: Opacity, transmission and toxicity


The talk explores some technologies of seeing — images, surveillance, categories, terror, representation — to give historical-geographic context to the PAIGC documentary film cadre’s work. Topics include the Berlin Conference, Kodak’s innovations in film and processing, imperial uses of anti-slavery, and the scopic imperatives of colonialism and apartheid. What are some contradictions, and how might we understand the PAIGC legacy as fundamental to ongoing decolonial practice that enlivens consciousness by re-seeing experience?


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Recorded on the 29th March 2018 at La Colonie.
Concept : Filipa César, Louis Henderson & Olivier Marboeuf
Production : Khiasma in collaboration with Archive Kabinett (Berlin) & Spectre Productions
« Black Lens » is an associated programme of Cinéma du Réel Film Festival at Centre Pompidou.
With the support of the PERSPEKTIVE fund for contemporary art and architecture (an initiative of the Institut français’s Bureau des arts plastiques, supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the Goethe Institut) and Fluxus Art Projects.