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[Paris • France]
With the complicity of the two musicians Yves Robert and Fantazio, the philosopher Jean-Paul Curnier will transform the médiathèqe Marguerite Duras into an agora, pirate ship, area, pow-wow circle…into a primitive stage where there will be question of the relations between predation and democracy. His residency at the Espace Khiasma invited us to philosophize in concert with him; for RELECTURES, it will offer us a veritable “philosophical concert”!

And so, just before his thought assumes the concrete form of a book, it offers us yet another scenic detour. The public that has accompanied him throughout this long and full year will recall that there was question of bow hunting, the destruction of a shanty town, of piracy and bull-fighting, of Pat Garret and Billy the Kid. This manner of considering the exercise of thought has been at the heart of his project: not as a demonstration, but as a tale of adventures, creating a path into the shared space of public discussions.

At the crossroads of anthropology, fiction and political philosophy, Jean-Paul Curnier has undertaken the project of elucidating the way in which democracies could contain the kernel of that which could be considered to be in opposition to them. The most barbaric practice that exists, the most hated, the least defensible socially: predation.
Rereading the philosophers and reconsidering the Greek and North American heritage in light of this intuition, from the conquest of the west to the République de Salé (the Sallee Rover Corsaires), he has developed with us, from encounter to encounter, the idea of an original scene of the appropriation of territory and riches, which moral considerations of the principle of equality would tend to retract.
Yves Robert and Fantazio will join him onstage once again, and the Freudian hypothesis of the “primitive horde” will discover curious affinities with Sam Peckinpah’s Savage Horde…


closing of Jean-Paul Curnier’s residency at the Espace Khiasma, as part of the writers’ residency program initiated by the “service livre” of the Région Île-de-France.