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Black Lens | Creating safe places, hiding oneself in the light

[Paris 10e • France]


The safe places that we are going to talk about, maybe to undo and reform them over and over again, are inscribed somewhere. They are demonstrative from somewhere, but this inscription does not mean anything in terms of their permanence, they are not solid and do not always exist with the same intensity. They need to be brought up. These are presences, which are to be summoned “under certain conditions”. And it is perhaps these very conditions that we have been seeking, that we are seeking and that we will be seeking throughout these conversation, navigating from the light to the shadows, from words to that which escapes words, from forgotten images to our way of bringing them back. Unless they have come back themselves and archived themselves within our bodies. The subject matter is vast and during the seminar we will be considering the question of the different possible regimes of visibility and invisibility, to learn to “hide oneself in the light”. Or, to put it another way, the safe places that we are interested in are not utopias, they are not outside the realms of the world we live in and even share a part of its toxicity, in as much as they take their share of a common and at times painful history.


As we needed to find a starting point to draw out the struggle as well as places to live, we have chosen a several narratives because, throughout the two days, we will be dealing with manners of telling and making appear, of giving form or maybe contours to certain situations, of making cinemas, and out of these cinemas, forces that engage. Because we don’t want these narratives to be told by one voice only, we have chosen to get away from the “figure” and instead concentrate on the “scene” as a space of multitude, of polyphony, of indissociable bodies who know and produces possible places that flee from day.


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Recorded on the 29th March 2018 at La Colonie.
Concept : Filipa César, Louis Henderson & Olivier Marboeuf
Production : Khiasma in collaboration with Archive Kabinett (Berlin) & Spectre Productions
« Black Lens » is an associated programme of Cinéma du Réel Film Festival at Centre Pompidou.
With the support of the PERSPEKTIVE fund for contemporary art and architecture (an initiative of the Institut français’s Bureau des arts plastiques, supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the Goethe Institut) and Fluxus Art Projects.