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[Paris 10e • France]


Escaping, hiding, fighting from the shadows: Opacity, transmission and toxicity


We will cross over marroons scenes at Saint-Dominic. They are seen as experiences of subjectification, in other words moments in which the captive experiments with the liberated use of their body and attempts to create another space that participates in the formation of a new kind of common.


These new, very fleeting, space-times, sometimes institute spaces in which the body emancipates itself from exclusively productive frameworks implanted by plantationary systems. They also offer another regime of visibility and of perception of the body. It is a new topography which alters the domain of possibility at the centre of the plantation itself.


What is at stake in this reading, is the replacing of these scenes into a discontinued history of freedom of bodies and their expressive capacity. My words will be accompanied by a fragment of text that retraces a scene of resistance that took place on a slave ship, this technical-political dispositif, which insured the crossing of the Atlantic. Then, from a numismatic archive, I will present the survival of the spectre of the Maroons over the course of the second half of the XXème century.


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Recorded on the 29th March 2018 at La Colonie.
Concept : Filipa César, Louis Henderson & Olivier Marboeuf
Production : Khiasma in collaboration with Archive Kabinett (Berlin) & Spectre Productions
« Black Lens » is an associated programme of Cinéma du Réel Film Festival at Centre Pompidou.
With the support of the PERSPEKTIVE fund for contemporary art and architecture (an initiative of the Institut français’s Bureau des arts plastiques, supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the Goethe Institut) and Fluxus Art Projects.