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Conversation avec l’artiste Emeka Okereke • Questions 2/2

[Paris 18e • France]

The conversation at Kadist will start with a talk by Emeka Okereke, who will address different types of violence – “passive”, “daily”, “institutional” – in relation with his personal work, undertaken between Lagos, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, and with the collective Invisibles Borders project, of which he is the founder and director.

For this evening, the seminar “Something You Should Know : Artists and Producers Today”, directed by Patricia Falguières, Elisabeth Lebovici and Natasa Petresin-Bachelez, will be delocalizing to Kadist, in the context of a series of presentations proposed by Dominique Malaquais and Lionel Manga, titled “Cosmocides: Art(s), Violence, 21st Century”.

“In the face of silence, of mediocracy and brutality, we must set afoot something big enough that the wretched can trade it against the terrible memory of loss they bear – something that, at the same time, will wash the well-heeled of the sad conviction that they have won – for in the war that today opposes thought, reason and intelligence to the mediocratic world we inhabit, there will be but one victor: cosmocide.”

Recorded by Simon Marini on the 18th of april 2018 at Kadist and mixed by Victor Donati.