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[Les Lilas • France]
Exposé des faits
questions the mechanisms of the construction of narrative in terms of the rhetoric of testimony. Vanessa Place proceeds by moving the language of law from the courtroom to the space of a book, using a montage of documents hailing from cases she worked on as a public defender. Only the names of victims and certain details have been suppressed to avoid them being too easily identified.
By forcing us to confront brutal material and to reconstruct, through the “exposition” of facts, their (problematical) truth, the reading experience takes on the “Rashomon effect”: subjectivity of our apprehension of situations, and thus of our capacity for judgment.
After her lecture, Vanessa Place will engage with Frank Smith on the subject of the project VanessaPlace Inc. (first international poetry firm), followed by the presentation of her new sound piece Last Words, composed of the last statements of all the prisoners executed in Texas since 1982. Anglophones: please note that the readings and presentations of Vanessa Place’s works will be in English.

Carte blanche to Frank Smith, as part of the launch of his residency “Writers in Seine-Saint-Denis” at Khiasma and the National Archives. A project initiated by the Seine-Saint-Denis department.