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Fluctuatio (in)animi –musical work for flute, violin, alto, cello, bass and Kinem(a)--design

[Pantin • France]
“I am fascinated by all mechanical and industrial sounds, the richness of their sound, their irrepressible kinetic quality and their autonomous, imperturbable functioning. The two types of writing that I use for my creations (both musical and graphic) are intimately linked, but they are not systematically associated for a given work. Rather, they refer to the artistic thought that underlies each of my creations. The schema or design is not intended to produce noise. The music is not intended to evoke a visual production. But it is the same network of multitudinous and closely interlocking connections that permeate the two artistic mediums and that is at the origin of the sound and visual processes that I conceive. It’s my interest for the cogs, the assemblages of extremely minimal units that is at the root of the research for visual mechanics, on the one hand, and these ‘hybrid’ sound mechanisms, between the mechanical and the organic (or almost animal) on the other. It’s what I would call a ‘nanomusic’ (and ‘nanographics’), in other words the articulation of infinitesimally small elements that produce a very complex, dense and evolving entirety. The two creations proposed here (a musical work, “Fluctuatio (in)animi”, and a graphic work, “Kinêma”) are representative of this structural relation between my musical and graphic creations.

Recording of the premiere concert at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, November 25, 2006.
KAMMERENSEMBLE NEUE MUSIK BERLIN. Honorary mention at the PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2007. Released on a CD monograph in corpore vili (DAAD and Edition RZ, Berlin, 2010. French distribution: Metamkine label)