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Future Climates : Graduating to Numbers 2/3

[Paris • France ]


Graduating to Numbers

How can the use of financial tools lead to emancipation from public subsidies and private donations for small-scale organizations and network ? How can new forms of transparency and redistribution be obtained through the use of financial design ? 


Vermeir & Heiremans work at the intersection of contemporary art and finance markets. The artists will present “Art House Index”,and discuss fragments of their film MASQUERADE, a narrative on trust and confidence. The film focuses on the financialisation of the artists’ house, which in their practice they have defined as an artwork. MASQUERADE is live-edited through the actual performance of the Art House Index, a financial tool that measures the value of the “art house.”



Enregistré à Kadist dans le cadre de l'exposition State (in) concepts par Victor Donati le 23 novembre 2017. Mixé par Victor Donati.