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La très bouleversante confession de l'homme qui a abattu le plus grand fils de pute que la Terre ait porté

[Paris • France]
Finding its place in the epic register of a “chanson de geste” in rhythmed free verse, the flux of logorrhoeic conscience of La très bouleversante confession… emanates from 23 brains galvanized by stress and excitement: those of the members of the Navy Seals commando—the special forces of the American marines—during the raid destined to demolish “the biggest son of a bitch who ever walked on Earth”, “the number one star of evil”, a.k.a. Oussama Ben Laden. Steve, Joss, Ryan…: heroes “whose first names have been modified”, but who could not however resign themselves to the anonymity which the non-disclosure of information accord they had signed condemned them to. Not less than six different versions of the death of the head of Al Quaida were thus delivered to the press and monied information to screenwriters and the creators of video games
Using this material in a way comparable to Reznikoff, Emmanuel Adely forges with humor a language to express the inflated, empty heroism of this war without honor and carrying with it, as in a contemporary variation of the Homeric epithet, all the cliches generated by its Hollywood-media treatment. For RELECTURES, an integral reading of this epic will be given, as David Haddad improvises sound ambiances…