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[Les Lilas • France]
As part of the Phantom Mondays cycle, Ismaïl Bahri continues the line of thought initiated at the beginning of his residence at the Espace Khiasma, and shares his new videographic research, which gravitates around notions of projections, screens, ellipses and “blank films”.

To make a “blank film”, is to produce images via the use of an “elementary” captation or recording device — elementary by its simplicity, but also its relation to the “elements”, in the atmospheric sense of the word. He developed a system of caches, or shutters, made of white paper of different forms and weights, which are placed in front of the camera’s viewfinder and are intermittently blown up by the wind. The result is tremblings of variable intensities, palpitations of light, a micro dramatic narrative of appearance and disappearance. The whole process raises a social questioning inspired by artistic forms.

For Ismaïl Bahri reconsiders the implications of “making a blank film” during a demonstration in Tunisia. By opposing a device for deliberately missing the shot to an “event not to be missed”, the challenge is to remove oneself from the flux in real time, characteristic of the media’s visual regime and to position oneself in a de-synchronized relation. Guaranteeing that the video recording does not follow the speed of the event is a way of preventing the event from diluting in its own momentum; to present it from the sidelines, as it is projected beyond the screen…