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[Les Lilas • France]
“The idea was to describe a site orally. Five sites: five sites in the World, at the edge of the sea. Five sites where enough elements were combined so that I could deconstruct them in a performance. Five performances. Sometimes friends ask me, when they see me so interested by the animals that surround me, where the interest comes from. It was in part to answer this question that I set off on the Oralieu project: it’s a survey. To describe the sites, I don’t use my imagination, but things that I already know, from the observation of an animal, to information I’ve gathered after the fact. The ensemble forms a body of knowledge, but knowledge that is neither cold nor objective. In Oralieu, knowledge is poetic. Oralieu considers the human, happy with all that attaches him to what surrounds him. A human curious about his attachments. It’s a joyous and curious ecology, never scaremongering or depressing.
Discover Alexis Fichet’s full project on the Oralieu blog: http://oralieu.blogspot.fr/

Recorded at the Espace Khiasma on Sunday, September 29, 2013, as part of the Relectures 14 Festival

A transcript translated into English and Arabic will soon be available on the website