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Phone [carte blanche à bela part.3]



Third opus of bela’s Carte blanche:

Phone [carte blanche à bela part 3]

Creating music as a tool of resilience

in hostile grounds.

Deprived of his personal computer and

principal work tool (forbidden inside the

military base), bela are  compelled to create

with the very less, under constraint.

In the previous post (cl4ss1f13d [carte blanche

à bela part 2] ) they recorded a mixtape

using an aircraft supply truck’s radio.

Since a few months, bela crafted a series of

tracks, with a rudimentary music app on

their secretly kept cellphone.

The following sound piece is compilation of

these short poems, that reveal a very regular

or even daily practice.

It intensifies the intimate relationship

with music, developed in the previous parts

of this carte blanche, and its capacity to

preserve, protect and heal in an endured

and violent environment.