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Si Di Kubi Public Recording Sessions #2

[Beirut • Lebanon]


As written by curator Hicham Khalidi for the Sharjah Biennal’s exhibition in Beirut Art Center, “French/Algerian artist Mohamed Bourouissa has initiated a platform with other artists from Paris and Beirut, including DJ SINA, musician Sharif Sehnaoui, photographer Dorine Potel, architect Tony Chakar and artist Ghida Bahsoun. Together they collaborate on ongoing music compilations that directly question the neoliberal mechanisms behind music production, proposing a more collaborative and open-sourced approach to cultural ownership.


Each of the albums has a theme that relates to language, gentrification and the economy, and will be distributed back to the informal circuits of production and exchange.”


The monthly public recordings that take place within the artist’s instillation in turn become part of their permanent musical collection, expanding the musical repertoire they already provide their audience to interact with and appropriate.

Recorded by Mohamed Bourouissa