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[Montreuil • France]

The song of Roland is a famous example of the slippery slope at play in the History of legend, when events are taken over by a recounting whose scope goes beyond their purely factual dimension. And so, although the historic reality of the battle of Ronceveaux has been established by the crossing of documentary sources, the literary œuvre that emerged continues to serve as a “monument” in memory and language. Violaine Lochu submits it to a series of linguistic alterations, which literally “ruin” the text in an accelerated archeological time. Erosion, fragmentation, sedimentation: these phenomena applied to language are conjugated in whisperings, silences, noises, interrupted songs. The poem is presented in another form, another relief — new asperities, that allow us to glimpse its past splendor. In a quasi romantic vision, the vestige is perceived here as a re-creation of language.

Artist in residence at le 116 beginning in September 2014, Violaine Lochu proposes to reactive the antique practice of ars memoriae, and to compose, via contribution, a pluralized memory of Montreuil, a “Palace of Memory” in the form of cartography (or mapping), publishing and performed intervention.