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[Grenoble • France]
Walk on til The End
is the recording of a conversation-while-hiking between Maxime Guitton and Jelena Martinovic, on alpine expeditions and near death experiences, with a selection of mountain-themed music by Maxime Guitton. The sound of the alps and their steps gives rhythm to this conversation that takes as its point of departure Wade Davis’ account of the British assaults on mount Everest in the early 20th century, “Into the Silence”.

Tracklist: Alps Noel – Grim / Sitting on Top of the World – Doc Watson / Patagonian Domes – Amen Dunes / Tibet – Don Cherry / Zäuerli Et Ronde De I’écu – Streichmusik Adler / Mountains into Outer Space – Richard Youngs / Azure Dome – Supreme Dicks / Walking and Falling – Laurie Anderson / Ice Copy – Hiroshi Yoshimura / Interlude-Himalayan Bells – Kendra Smith / Inside Elevation – Pan*American / Climbing Aspirations – Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show / Courant Ascentionnel – Guy Goyer & Guy Pedersen / Pays de Glace – John Livengood / Locklatar – Elin Lisslass / cho oyu basecamp: morning – Geir Jenssen / Rocky Mountain Ragga – Robbie Basho / Regato de Montanha – Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho.

Produced by Maxime Guitton, Jelena Martinovic and Asli Seven, with the participation of Simon Rippoll Hurier, Martina Margini and Chloé Sitzia in Grenoble.